Empowering Women in Innovation

Supporting women-led health startups to transform healthcare access

people don't have access to basic healthcare

Women-led start-ups create

more jobs

And yet, they receive only

of global VC funding

This is where WiNFUND comes in.

Women in Innovation Fund is a collaborative effort to empower women-led health startups and drive transformative solutions in healthcare access. We are dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs and catalyzing grassroots impact.

Our Entrepreneurs

Discover the impactful innovations supported by Women in Innovation Fund

pink green and blue abstract paintingpink green and blue abstract painting
Our Impact

Learn about the positive changes we are making in healthcare access

man in black jacket standing on blue lighted room
man in black jacket standing on blue lighted room
Our Vision

Creating a future where women-led health startups thrive

baby clinging on back
baby clinging on back
Our Commitment

Dedicated to empowering women and catalyzing grassroots impact

Our Success Stories

Hear from the women entrepreneurs who have transformed healthcare access

Our Sister Fund

Collaborating with our team in Indonesia to support women-led health startups

Empowering women entrepreneurs through fair and inclusive financial support